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Self Energy completes multi-site solution assessment for leading real estate portfolio

Sector: Hospitality

Client aspirations: Coordinated reduction in energy bills and carbon emissions across multiple business sites utilising leading proven technology solutions

Solution: Self Energy analysed energy use data and key business metrics including occupancy rate for the 12 months preceding the assessment. Specific consumption profiles for each facility were created and agreed with the client.

Data analysis, site surveys and bespoke in-house modelling software enabled quantification of the savings potential for a diverse range of technologies. In order to quantify the opportunity to save and build the business case, the following metrics were ascertained:

  • Required investment
  • Annual financial saving
  • Annual savings of CO2
  • Payback period
Technologies included in the optimal solution:
  • Lighting controls
  • LED Lighting
  • Solar Photovoltaic cells
  • Pump replacement
  • Power Management System
  • Voltage Optimisation
  • Building Energy Management System
This solution is codified in a detailed, transparent report to move to project to Investment Board Decision stage. 

We have been continually impressed with the ability and professionalism in Self Energy’s approach to understand the technical and financial challenges and opportunities that have become apparent in improving our energy performance characteristics

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