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Self Energy delivers decentralised energy solution following a multi-technology energy performance investigation for University of Winchester

Having worked in the Higher Education Sector throughout the UK, Self Energy embarked on a groundbreaking energy and carbon reduction investigation for the University of Winchester.

The management team at the University of Winchester have been proactively reducing energy costs and carbon emissions for several years, and asked Self Energy to support them through this transition


As a primary step, Self Energy completed an Investment Grade Feasibility Study, investigating multi-technology routes to energy savings.

Self Energy engaged in site surveys to evaluate energy consumption, usage profiles and building infrastructure.

Self Energy’s engineering team utilised Self Energy’s bespoke in-house modelling software to analyse a range of energy efficiency and decentralised system measures.

Crucially, the interaction of technologies with one another and with existing infrastructure was analysed to evaluate the optimal combination and to achieve maximal savings. Potential savings were thus quantified.

The findings were presented in a clear and detailed report, ensuring the full benefits were articulated to the client.

As a first step following client feedback, Self Energy designed and delivered a 37.8kW Photovoltaic array to generate energy on-site. Self Energy led the Project Management of system delivery, testing and commissioning. 

Self Energy’s team fulfilled all public sector procurement regulations to deliver best value to the education sector.  Swiftly responding to external market pressures, Self Energy achieved project delivery within a tight timescale to guarantee maximum returns for the client, and is now working on the next phase of the programme.

Client feedback

“We have been continually impressed with the ability and professionalism in Self Energy’s approach to understand the technical and financial challenges and opportunities that have become apparent in improving our energy performance characteristics.

I have been really impressed by the level of professionalism shown by Self Energy and am extremely pleased with the detail in the output report

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